June 2 2011

Day 145: Just a typical day at our house.  At this point we had already gone for a long morning stroller walk and later a play date in the park with our neighbor.  Around dinner Amelia was just exploring her known surroundings and trying new things. 

June 1 2011

Day 144: As I prepare for Amelia's 1st birthday, I am becoming nostalgic about my own younger birthdays.  I recall one birthday when I was maybe nine. I whined and fussed that I didn't get a loot bag like my friends did (duh, I got presents!) and it was then that I understood how serious my parents could be as disciplinarians. I appreciate now that they didn't let me be a bratty and selfish little human.  Anyways, I loved creating these loot bags for the few family kiddos that will be in attendance on her birthday. 

May 31 2011

Day 143: Amelia is a cautious little one.  She is very careful and not too sure about walking yet.  I know she can do it, but her eyes speak volumes as I let go of her hands and watch her slowly bring herself to a sitting position.  It's not going to be long until she walks, but in the meantime, she is keen on crawling....fast. 

May 30 2011

Day 142: I'm just crazy about her.

May 29 2011

Day 141: Yay!  A solution has been found.  My girl didn't "get" the sippy cup really so I tried a straw and she got it! She is crazy about this new found independence and I love that!

May 28 2011

Day 140: Being a huge lover of animals, I feel bad blocking this rabbit from enjoying the delicious garden we plant.  However, last year we didn't get to enjoy hardly any berries plus countless veggies, so this year, we got smart.  Bunny is going to have to go elsewhere for the good stuff. 

May 27 2011

Day 139: I love planting.  This was what I picked out for our shed window boxes. There is something seriously therapeutic about getting down and dirty with nature.