March 21 2011

Day 72: Too busy to find time to take a creative picture today...this is what I ended up with.  However, I'm not complaining as I love them both to bits. 

March 20 2011

Day 71: Matt and I love our garden (one of the main reasons for buying our house).  It's a lot of work and fortunately Olena and Matt have a strong love to care for it.  I hope to get more involved this year as well as begin to teach Amelia about growing our own veg/fruit.  This picture is to show how bare the garden is at the beginning, and later I'll take a shot of how crazy beautiful it gets during the summer. 

March 19 2011

Day 70:  Matt, Amelia, Olena and I went to Bronte Provincial Park for their maple syrup festival.  Various activities were involved including a tractor ride, pancakes with syrup, a hike, walking through an old house and learning it's history, and I especially enjoyed checking out the animals (the baby pigs were adorable!).  This cow struck my heart...such a big guy with softness in his eyes.  I couldn't think of any other word to use for him besides "peace". 


March 18 2011

Day 69: I was fortunate enough to be able to hear the beautiful sounds of many singer/song writers last night with my lovely cousin Janine.  The Sarah McLachlan and friends concert was held at Massey Hall and what an incredible show they put on (including the lighting....wow!).  I tried to capture many moments, but this was the best shot I could get.  Having been a fan of Sarah and Blue Rodeo for a long time, and in the more recent years, Melissa McLelland, I was elated to hear them all on stage together.

March 17 2011

Day 68: Mini fun photo shoot with my favorite little girl.

March 16 2011

Day 67: I might just be cool enough to pull this wet suit off.  With the fluffy blue socks.

March 15 2011

Day 66: Happy to soon say good bye to Winter.  It felt really long! 

March 14 2011

Day 65:  Amelia must be getting use to the camera being in her face.  This is the cute smile she flashes when I point the camera at her. 

March 13 2011

Day 64: Matt finally got his new mask and snorkel and naturally had to test them out.


March 12 2011

Day 63: Tonight, Matt and I are kidless.  It's such a nice treat and a huge thanks to my mom-in-law Olena for making it happen again.  :)  In celebration, Matt and I are enjoying a little red wine and decadent Haagen-Dazs. Pictured are my rings, not to show case the bling, but rather put into perspective how perfectly small the ice cream "tubs" are. Pure bliss. 

Question is, which one should I get my hands on first, before Matty?  hehe

March 11 2011

Day 62: As my mommy friends were helping me track down a decent carrier to use on our Cozumel trip, I stumbled upon Amelia's snugli carrier that we use to put her in often when she was just wee.  We decided to give it a whirl on my back and she loved it!  I might have loved it even more than her as I got all the laundry and cleaning done with her smiling and bouncing around behind me.  Hands free rocks!

Hey, Amelia is 9 months old now!  Wow...time flies when you're having fun!


March 10 2011

Day 61:  Photos like these dont seem to require any introduction.  This is when I know I have succeeded in what I want to accomplish.  

Just for the sake of the blog...the photo was taken from my kitchen looking into our backyard, and into Oakville.  I love love love how this worked out. 

March 9 2011

Day 60: Since learning how to be far more mobile, she no longer sleeps in one little spot.  We have found her in all sorts of crazy positions and locations in her crib.  Always near or on her are her bed buddies Emmit and Tadbit. 

Slightly sad attempt at capturing my sleeping beauty, but I had to use the flashlight so the flash on my camera wouldn't startle her.

March 8 2011

Day 59: Amelia has been practicing pulling herself up to standing now every possible moment she can.  There are a couple times a day I plop her in her crib with a toy while I organize her room, and this is mainly when she practices.  

Being chronically uninspired with photography these days, I took more shots of my little sweetie. I mean, she is easy to photograph, but I really want to take some different and interesting pictures and just waiting for Spring to bounce in so I can do so easier. 

March 7 2011

Day 58: My friend Yen came over today with her two daughters, Cathrina and Camilla.  We had a nice visit and chatted all things mom-kid-baby and travel.  I am noticing more and more how interested babies are in kids! Pure entertainment.  Gave Yen and I a chance to chat.  :)


March 6 2011

Day 57: I love my girl. She is such a character already!  I know the next many years will be a huge adventure because of her. 

Here's a shot of her and I. I love the look of pain on my face...I believe she was biting my cheek.  lol

March 5 2011

Day 56: Meet Oz.  He's a sweet little guy!

March 4 2011

Day 55: We went to my parents house for the weekend.  Again, us Murchie's slept in the guest house (like an old, sweet little cottage).  It's really cozy!  I have taken pictures of this window before as I love window pictures.  The weather was uncooperative and icky in general.  Company and the red wine was great!  ;)

March 3 2011

Day 54: Amelia and I went to visit our friends Ann and little Savannah in Pickering.  The girls are 5 days apart, but in size, very very different!  They really enjoyed interacting together and the fun really began when the red shoe came into play.  I can see how teaching one to share is an important lesson.  Savannah was a great sport though!

In other news...today is my Grums and Grumps' 60th anniversary!!!!!!!  LOVE YOU


March 2 2011

Day 53: Amelia is showing male-stranger anxiety.  I thought by being exposed to my boys (Jay and Jerome), who can act and sound like girls, that we could segue into trusting male figures more.  That's a negative. 

March 1 2011

Day 52: These little munchkins and their moms are great folk!  

I took this picture at the beginning as there is a timeline to babies good behavior...but because I took it early on, I didnt get some of the other little ones in my group shot. And of course it is virtually impossible to get a shot of them all looking a the camera. Impossible.

February 28 2011

Day 51: Nothing exciting to report today.  The weather was poopy and Amelia and I stayed in our PJs all day.  I took this picture after getting a soaker when I had the brilliant idea to take a picture of the rain drops falling on the pond.  The pictures all turned out blurry, and this was the only other picture I took. Boo.

February 27 2011

Day 50: When we moved into our house, the backyard pond was stocked with fish.  The pond outside has procreated just as wonderfully as the indoor aquarium. 

February 26 2011

Day 49:  We had our good friends Stephano, Lisa, Melissa and Jonas over for a visit. I thought it would be fun and exciting to see what happens when the red gloves went on Lisa's hands.  Stepho...not so excited about this.  I seem to remember a lot of crotch blocks (oh man, is that what you'd call it?  lol).