May 18 2011

Day 130:  I was the lucky recipient of these cute Hatley socks at Christmas thanks to the Platz's.  Amelia got the sleeper and I, the socks to match.  They are comfy and practical with the no slip written padding underneath.  Ya!

May 17 2011

Day 129: Poor child.  For some reason she is terrified of this sheep stuffie.  I think it's mainly because she has a tough time identifying it's features.  She cried over and over while we tried to get her comfortable with it.  Now she has warmed up to it a little and will nuzzle it's face, but only after suspiciously looking it up and down several times first.  hehe

May 16 2011

Day 128: This rainy and cold weather is bringing me down.  Thankfully I was given pretty flowers for Mothers Day that bring me a little cheer during these gloomy days. 


May 15 2011

Day 127: This is a stem from our incredible Red Bud Tree.  It's a really cool tree. Again, the rain making for an exceptional picture.

May 14 2011

Day 126:  I am learning that rainy days = great photo opportunities.  There is a lot of beauty that is exposed (IMO) when the rain comes down.

May 13 2011

Day 125: Told you this tree would show up again.  haha  Finding that since Amelia is way more mobile, it is getting harder and harder to take time to get any great shots.  Good news is, this tree is right outside our front door so I just popped outside and took the picture.

May 12 2011

Day 124: Happy birthday to my big brother Josh today!  

This was a busy day with two separate play dates.  The first was at a day home where Amelia will most likely be going PT when I return to work, and the other with my neighbor friend.  The not-so-little kid pictured is Cruz who is my neighbor Mel's day care kid. He is a couple months older than Mia.  They get along well and Amelia, as you can see, is very interested in watching him.


May 11 2011

Day 123:  I missed the 10th somehow.  It might have had something to do with Matt reinstalling windows on my computer as I may have lost some stuff.  :(  Oh well, I know I took a picture.  

This tree outside of our house is very neat.  You will see a few pictures of it popping up.  It is a very photogenic tree I must say. 


May 9 2011

Day 121: We were away for the weekend and had a nice surprise upon returning.  About 40 tulips in our front garden had opened up.  I love all the colors!

May 8 2011

Day 120: Happy Mothers Day to all you fantastic moms out there!  It's my 1st Mothers Day and it was a really nice day spent with family. 

We gave my mom this pretty Orchid and check out the sun beaming down!  We lucked out with gorgeous weather.

More photos from the day:

May 7 2011

Day 119: While at mom and dad's house, Amelia was obsessed with mastering her skills on the stairs.  We had to be quick to stay behind as the steps are rather steep.  It was cute to see how proud she was of herself. 

More pictures from the day:

 Lake Ontario

 Josh blowing bubbles for the photo

 Cute nephew Ben blowing bubbles

May 6 2011

Day 118: Mom, Amelia and I went to let the horses in today.  Amelia was literally stunned how big the "doggie" was.  At least we assumed she thought it was a giant dog.

May 5 2011

Day 117: The hubster was cutting the grass so I attempted to snap the cut against the long blades.  Thanks to all the rain we had in April, the grass is vibrant and full. 


May 4 2011

Day 116: Amelia, Matt and I took a walk to a Lakeshore park and enjoyed it immensely.  Amelia was crazy about the swings (naturally) and behaved so well.  I see a lot more of this activity in our future.

May 3 2011

Day 115: I take plenty photos of my little girl.  I captured this rare picture of her while she was in an exceptionally great mood. I can't get enough of my happy baby Amelia!

May 2 2011

Day 114: Let me tell you, there is nothing worse than being cooped up in your house for more than a couple days for reasons such as bad diaper rash, Bronchitis and/or disgusting weather. I attempted a couple photos this day, but was feeling absolutely uninspired due to the diagnosis of Cabin Fever. 

Trick is mostly to keep the wee one entertained.  Had to forget about my own sanity so I could focus on hers.  

May 1 2011

Day 113: Jonas turned 5 years old on April 26th and his mom had a party for him in Guelph this day.  We were really excited and had it all planned out for a month.  Then Amelia got Bronchitis and our plans went down the drain.  Luckily, I have incredible friends that insisted we keep her home to recover and relax in her environment while in the mean time they came to us when the party finished.  We had a nice dinner, great conversation and once Amelia was in bed, enjoyed some Beatles Rockband.  It was lovely as always to see them all!

Jonas - 5
Kirsten - 9

April 30 2011

Day 112: This particular day, still new kitty-to-our-house Kisses found some funny spots to relax.  She tucked her legs in under herself and laid in this corner for a couple hours while we worked on our computers in the evening.